"You have a product. We are your manufacturer!"

  1. Extended workbench
  2. Procurement
  3. Production (Assembling, Completion, etc.)
  4. Logistics
We undertake the procurement, production and completion of your products. We can also support you in your production processes, operating as „extended workbench“.
We undertake extensive detail performances for our customers:
  1. Supplier selection (International Sourcing)
  2. Purchase organisation and processing according to customer standards (incl. quality control)
  3. Parts list documentation and compilation of work
  4. Temporary storage including administration in the ERP-system according to VDA standards
  5. Production/Assembling/Installation planning and execution (milling, bonding, concealing, screwing, packaging, etc.) at system work centers
  6. Packaging according to customer specifications and delivery logistics
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